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Brush Lettering Workshop

Last Wednesday we attended a Brush lettering workshop in Southsea. The workshop was hosted by Lucy from Little Old Goose. She is a lettering artist and a modern calligrapher based in Portsmouth. It was just by chance that we saw this event advertised on Instagram and we thought.. why not? It has been something that we have been following and interested in for a while so this was the perfect opportunity to go for it. There were 20 other women also attending the event all for similar reasons; an opportunity to be creative and learn a new skill. As you get older and busier, it is very rare to be able to sit down for 2.5 hours and learn something completely new. Lucy was fab and she was a great teacher with SO much patience. She has a real talent and we loved how passionate she was.

It is only early days but we plan to practice frequently and work on our techniques so that we can also add this service to our portfolio. It could just be a hobby but you just never know.. practice makes perfect!

If you are also interested in Lucy's brush lettering workshops, there are still a few dates available.

Go to her website:

We would also encourage anybody who wants to learn a new skill, to go out and DO IT. It makes you feel great and you also get to connect with others who also share the same interests as you.

Ask yourself 'why not?'

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