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Daisy Dots was established in January 2018 by Katie. She is a Graphic Designer who has a passion for florals and pastels. She started out as a Freelance Graphic Designer but wanted to break into the Wedding Industry. She is a great listener and will help you in any way she can to make your Wedding Stationery look perfect on your big day.
She chose to name the business 'Daisy Dots' because whilst completing her Major project at the University of Portsmouth, she discovered the Language of Flowers. Back in the Victorian era, people would communicate using flowers and each flower was given a meaning. This fascinated Katie and she wanted to incorporate this idea within her venture. Daisies can mean: Innocence, Purity, New Beginnings or True Love. And so, this is how Daisy Dots was formed.
Katie works from her garden studio based in Emsworth. It is the perfect place to be creative and generate new ideas for your beautiful wedding stationery.

When Katie isn't designing, she likes to explore cafes by the sea and spend time with family and friends. She likes to get lost in a good book and travel to new places with
her boyfriend, Alex.

She loves flowers and will always have a vase on her desk with seasonal blooms.
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