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To RSVP or not?

To RSVP or not?

We offer invitation bundles that feature RSVP cards as well as the wedding invitation. We get a lot of customers requesting RSVP cards which is quite surprising considering the digital age we are living in. Everything is online these days so we are delighted that couples are still choosing to have RSVP cards. One of the lovely parts of creating invitation bundles is that everything matches beautifully and we are all about those small details. We are happy to alter the design to suit your needs and we offer an information pack to help with wording ideas.

It's really important to feature the respond date so that your guests have a time limit (some may still need reminding). Your address should also be displayed somewhere on the card, whether this is on the reverse of the card or discreetly on the front.

Alternatively there is always the option of including your phone number and an e-mail address to make it as easy as possible for your guests to respond. We understand that everyone is on a budget so this option could be perfect for you.

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