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Our Branding

When we first started Daisy Dots we knew how important our brand needed to be. Coming from a Graphic Design background, we knew what we needed to do in order to make a strong and eye-catching logo. One of the key parts of creating a recognisable brand is to decide on what message you want to give your audience. Once you know this, you can pick the colours, fonts and patterns that you plan to use. Consistency is key and you should try and stick to your brand guidelines as much as possible. This helps you look professional and shows that you pay a lot of attention to detail.

After 8 months, we are still very much in love with our logo and we continue to develop the branding as we go. We think that our brand gives off a friendly approach to our target audience. We also believe that your brand should offer an experience to those interested. It should wow your customers and connect with them on a personal level.

There's so much to learn about branding and marketing and we are learning more everyday. Fortunately we have extensive design skills so we are constantly pushing ourselves to create new content and strengthen our brand.

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