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London Stationery Show 2018

On Tuesday we attended the London Stationery Show at the Business Design Centre in London. It was a great event and it featured huge numbers of different stationery brands. From well known pen companies to new companies offering unique products. We recognised many of the products from looking in shops such as WH Smith or Tesco. This was a trade show so large companies were able to order their products and resell them. We fell in love with so many different stands and it made us want to start our own stationery line! Maybe one day?

By chance, we were able to decorate our own travel mug with Edding porcelain pens. This was a great activity and we could have spent hours perfecting our design. We also thought that decorating a travel mug was a great idea because of the recent publicity about plastic coffee cups. By designing our own, we can now fill and reuse the mug and cut down on plastic.. BONUS.

Unfortunately we didn't see any wedding stationery stands but perhaps this could be an opening in the future?

You'll never know unless you ask?

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