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Making the best of the current situation

Well.. where do we start? The last few weeks has felt very surreal and it has been extremely difficult for so many people all over the country. It has been especially challenging for those who were due to marry in the upcoming months. Most of our couples have been planning for the past couple of years and they were so close to tying the knot. Fortunately, their venues have been very accommodating and they have all managed to postpone their weddings until later in the year or until 2021. It's hard to imagine how they must be feeling and it must be tricky to see the bright side of this whole situation.

We have been offering free digital designs to any of our customers who need to notify their wedding guests about their new date. Any reprints are also being offered at cost price. We hope this small gesture helps to release some stress.

As a business it has also been difficult. We would usually have a lot of invitation and on the day orders to fulfil at this time of year but unfortunately it has been extremely quiet for us. We have been keeping busy by tidying the studio, completing admin jobs and tying up loose ends. It will be difficult for all the businesses within the wedding industry, especially as we rely on wedding season (April-September) being the busiest 6 months of the year.

So if you've had to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19, we're here for you! If your current suppliers can't accommodate your new date, we can recommend businesses to help you. If you need a digital design, drop us a message and we can start designing ASAP.

Don't suffer in silence, reach out to your wedding suppliers because we are all in this together and we want to help you both.

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