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The Collective Chichester

We have recently signed up to be a member of 'The Collective' which is a networking group based in Chichester. They launched in July and they have received a great reception from entrepreneurs and small businesses within the local area. Chichester was lacking a networking group so Helen and Abby took it upon themselves to start a community for likeminded people. They organise mingles and coffee mornings so that members can meet other members and focus on themselves instead of their business. It is important to keep a healthy balance between work and your personal life. The Collective helps to inspire their members and support them in their business decisions.

This networking group is very unique and I would highly recommend getting in touch with them if you are a business owner in the area. I like that there is always a focus for each monthly mingle. They feature something different for the 'mind', 'body' and 'soul' every month. We have already met lots of lovely people that we may not have met before. It has been great for us to talk to others and collect new ideas for the business.

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